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Hey guys and happy Monday! Have you been enjoying this fall weather? It's been really rainy these couple of days and I've been loving it. I've finally managed to get out my knitted sweaters and boots out and wear them every day. Today I am coming to you with another fall tag, I thought these were really fun and a bit different questions, so I decided to do them. So here they are!

1. Bath and Body Works candles or Yankee candles?
- I am a huge fan of Bath and Body works candles always, and especially their fall ones.

2. Favorite fall accessory?
- I have recently become a fan of beanies and knitted hats, so I think they would be my favorite accessories for this season.

3. UGGs or Moccasins?
- Hmm, hard question, I like them both, so I couldn't choose. I bought a pair of Moccasins last year and I've really loved wearing them.

4. Fuzzy socks or knee socks?
- Definitely fuzzy socks. Cozy, comfortable and just lovely!

5. Favorite fall food?
- Anything warm and comforting. I am a big fan of comfort food and also cupcakes and I love apple crumble cookies!

6. Red or pink lips?
- I like both, but I think for fall I prefer darker shades, so I'll choose red.

7. Winged eyeliner or bold eye shadow?
- I definitely can't do a winged eyeliner as well as I would like to, but I much prefer it because it makes a makeup look stand out a bit.

8. Natural/cold/light or bold/warm/dark makeup?
- I prefer and more often wear natural makeup, but for fall bold and darker makeup for sure!

9. Apple pie or brownies?
- Both! And cookies, and muffins. Anything baked really.

10. Would you rather cook the food or eat it?
- Eat it definitely, I am much of a foodie haha!

That's it for this tag, I really hope you enjoyed it! Also, Beautilicious D has given me the inspiration to do this tag and you should definitely check out her post, because it is amazing! Love, M x

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  1. Oooh fuzzy socks and bobble hats for me! I recently knitted my own dark brown scarf, which has a really neat patterned weaved into it, and I have to say I'm pretty proud, haha. It's too bad autumn is such a short season, as this year, we've already gotten snow! Like whaaatt?! I haven't even gotten my hands on a pumpkin yet :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty (new post!)

    1. Oh my god snow, lucky you, I would love if it snowed here but not yet unfortunately xx

  2. What's a beautiful tag! I should do this too, although nobody tagged me hehe!


    1. You definitely should, I would love to read you answers xx

  3. Great post! I loved reading. Gemma x

  4. Ahhhh all this talk of fall is making me dread our upcoming summer! I wish th cooler weather would hang around a little longer on my side of the world


    1. Ohh but summer is really fun as well, enjoy it as much as possible xx

  5. Loving all these fun tags that you do! I just popped by Bath & Body works yesterday and bought three candles :D It's the first time I've gotten my own candles :o // Apple pie is my fav <3 I just like pie in general :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Thank you Audrey, I love bath and body works candles xx

  6. I've only ever tried Yankee Candle, I'd love to try some bath and body works :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  7. I love autumn tags. They make me so happy. Thanks for sharing! I always love getting to know the blogger more.

    x. Cattleya


  8. I absolutely love apple pie!
    Aleeha xXx

  9. Loved reading this post, it is so fun :) x


  10. Fall is just the best isn't it? Also apple crumble cookies are so yummy, I made them yesterday xx


  11. Great post darling, love it xx

    Sophie- sophiebennet.blogspot.com

  12. Awesomee, fall is the bestest <3

  13. All these fall tags are so cute and I love them :)

    Georgina// georginasammings.wordpress.com

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