35 Pinterest Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

3:02:00 PM

 Hey guys, I hope you are having an amazing day! I decided to dedicate this post to one of my favorite social medias aka Pinterest. Scrolling through pinterest is one of my favorite activities and that is the main place where I get my ideas and inspiration from. I know that might make me seem like an old lady, but I just love it! Here I have put together some useful, necessary and some a bit random life hacks of all sorts, from lifestyle, fashion, food and traveling, which I found on pinterest that you could find handy and helpful in your every day life :)

1. Charge your phone faster

- Raise your hand if your battery percentage is almost always lower than 30% ! I know mine always is and I hate how many times a day I have to put my phone on charge. So, when I discovered this hack, I couldn't have been happier. You just put your phone on airplane mode and it will charge it to almost a 100 percent in less than an hour! The only downside to this is that while it's on airplane mode you can't use internet or receive phone calls, but it is so worth it because your battery will last longer and your phone won't have to be on charge at all times.

2. Having trouble waking up in the morning?

- If you are a heavy sleeper, like I am, and always snooze past your alarm in the morning, here's a life hack for you. Before you go to bed, put your phone in a glass cup and as further away from your bed as possible. Putting it in a glass cup will crank up the volume so loud and you will have to wake up! Trust me, this really works.

3. Always running late?

- I have this problem too, I always think I'll be ready on time and somehow I always end up the last one to arrive. But worry not, there is a solution for that too, in fact there are two. First one is to create a playlist on your phone exactly as long as it takes you to get ready and when the last song finishes, you'll be ready to leave on time! Another is to make a habit of always arriving at least 5 or 10 minutes early for everything. It'll be hard at first, but once you get used to it, you won't stress about being late.

4. You can't seem to remember a person's name when you meet them?

- This has happened to me quite a few times, where I found myself in an awkward situation where I just can't remember someone's name. The trick to that is when someone tells you their name, you say it loud back to them. That way you're more likely to remember it. For example, don't just say '' Nice to meet you '', instead say '' Nice to meet you Anna (or whatever the person's name is) '' and that way it'll stick to you :)

5. Shopping for shoes

- A hack I find really useful when going shopping is to shop for shoes later in the day. Your feet can swell up to a half size bigger during the day, so that way you avoid getting the wrong size.

6. Another tip for shoeaholics 

- We've all experienced those painful blisters on our feet when we are not wearing our new or not the most comfortable shoes. So let's banish those blisters with none other than clear gel deodorant! This really works because it decreases friction and increases your ability to dance all night and have the best time :)


7. Packing giving you a headache?

- Packing is never easy, but the one trick that will help you save time and space in your suitcase is to roll your clothes. It will prevent wrinkles and also create more room to put your things in.


8. Traveling made easy!

- When traveling, remember to keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. That way you'll keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh!

9. Grocery shopping tip

- The one trick that I learned is to never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach! Always go grocery shopping after a meal, because you'll spend more money. When you're hungry everything looks so delicious, you'll pick out more food and spend money. But if you go when you're not hungry, you'll probably just buy the necessities.


10. Life hack for foodies

- Don't you just love Nutella? If you said no, I'm sorry but you're mostly likely not telling the truth. Here is one amazing Nutella recipe which can be found on pinterest. Why not treat yourself with a delicious dessert like this one. You can make a batch of these and save them in the fridge. But warning don't eat too much, beacuse they are quite heavy! Also they are as tasty as they are gorgeous looking!


11. Nutella YUM!

- You may think I am way too obsessed with Nutella and you wouldn't be wrong. Now imagine the wonderful nutella combined with donuts, just dreamy. Another recipe I found on pinterest you just have to try and I promise you, you will be mindblown. Light, fluffy, baked donuts with a nutella glaze. Could we want more?


12. Avoid kitchen math!

- If you are not a lover of math (like me) and are of baking and cooking, then you will find this hack very useful! Here's a photo of measurements you will be needing to use in the kitchen, without thinking twice!

13. Graffiti a water bottle!

- Every year my New Year's resolution is to drink more water and every time I feel like I fail at it! I don't need to tell what benefits drinking water has or why we need it, but I can show you a fun way to drink more water! Just use a sharpie and mark a water bottle with hours and how much water you should drink at that time. I've seen many people using this trick and it is indeed very helpful!

14. Whiten teeth with a banana peel

- This may sound strange but banana peels can whiten your teeth! Rub the inside of a peel along your top and bottom teeth for about a minute each and let it sit for around ten minutes. From there, grab a dry toothbrush and start brushing! Doing this a few times a week can really lighten your teeth and make your smile brighter :)

15. Starbucks lovers unite!

- Here's a life hack perfect for summer and coffee lovers! Order a passion tea lemonade sweetened and ask for it to be blended. The result is a sweet and refreshing slushy! Perfect for hot summer days.

16. Oreo ice cream is the best!

- Make your own delicious ice cream treat by simply crushing up some Oreos and adding it to your favorite flavour. Whether you love vanilla, chocolate, or even strawberry ice cream, adding delicious oreos is sure to make it taste even better! Your summer is sure to be better when you have ice cream and Oreos in the same dish, I guarantee you that :)

Oreo Ice Cream

17. Messy ice cream and popsicles?

- This may be a slightly embarrassing thing to admit but I still sometimes spill my ice cream. I don't know what's it about, but sometimes it just melts too quickly for my liking! So when I discovered this hack, I was thrilled. You just use a cupcake wrapper to keep the mess away. Just slit the bottom of the cupcake holder and stick your popsicle through the slit. It makes a wonderful holder and keeps that sticky mess off your fingers!

Un-Messy Popsicles

18. Learning languages is fun!

- I have always been passionate about learning new languages and still am! An easier and very fun way to start learning languages is through an app called Duolingo. It is amazing and you can quickly learn new words and expressions!


19. DIY your jeans

- Another great tip for summer is to make your own shorts! Grab some old pair of your jeans that you don't wear anymore and cut them into shorts. An awesome and fun way to spice up your summer wardrobe and save money!

20. Smelly feet no more!

- I am pretty sure you have all heard of this life hack but I decided to include it anyway. The best way to avoid smelly feet after the gym or a work out is to put dry tea bags in the shoes or gym bags and they will absorb the unpleasant smell!

21. Tea heals all wounds!

- I adore tea and if I day goes past and I haven't drunk it, you can be sure it is a bad day for me. Tea is simply the best and full of benefits for our body and our mind. Here are some advice on what tea to drink if you are dealing with any kind of stress: when you have a headache- ginger tea, to keep bad breath away- black tea, you're feeling stressed- green tea, you want to go to sleep- chamomille tea, if your stomach aches- peppermint tea! I'm telling you, tea is the greatest!


22. Technology junkies!

- If you have way too many wires around your house and don't know how to organize them and can never find them, here's a life hack for you! Just use paper clips to organize and sort them, that way you'll never lose them!

23. Never lose your luggage again!

- Airports are very crowded places and it can be very easy to lose or misplace your suitcases, and you wouldn't want to do that! The trick to solve that issue is to tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to your suitcase. Saves a lot of time to check if its your bag or not!


24. Booking flights made easy!

- This is a such a good traveling hack and I have seen everyone trying it and it definitely works! When booking flights and hotels online turn on private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you've visited their site before

25. A hack for phone addicts

- If you spend a lot of your time on your phone, watching youtube videos or TV shows (like I do), this tip can be helpful. If you are tired of leaning your phone onto something where it will fall down after awhile: use your sunglasses! It may look funny, but it works :)

26. Pinterest guide to stains!

- When I stumbled across this pinterest hack, I loved it so much, I just had to share it with you. If you are a bit messy and spilling things often happens to you, then you should now how to quickly and easily remove those stains. Here's how to do it :


27. How to remove wrinkles from clothing without ironing?

- If you are tired of ironing your clothes all the time or you have to be out in a short while and don't have time to iron, just use the shower metod! Close the windows and door in your bathroom and hang your wrinkled clothes on the shower. Make sure to adjust the showerhead so that water doesn't get on your clothes, then hop in the shower like you normally would. By the time you've finished showering, the steam will have got rid of the wrinkles!


28.  Ironing 101

- If you don't know how to iron your favorite collar shirt, just use a hair straightener! It works perfectly and there won't be wrinkles in sight :)

29. Proper way to roll your sleeves 

- If you have ever struggled with rolling your favorite shirt's sleeves, here is a practical how to! I found this very helpful so hopefully you will too.


30. Make more room in your wardrobe!

- If you have a smaller closet space or simply somehow your clothes can't all seem to fit, try out this life hack! To double your wardrobe space, slide soda tabs and hang another hanger from it. This also makes it easier to store pieces that go together :)

31. Nail polish wardrobe fix!

- If buttons keep falling off from your shirts, just use clear nail polish and it will keep them in place. This really works and is another great fashion hack!

32. Another nail polish hack!

- Easy and handy, just put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before you apply it as it goes smoother!


33. How to be less nervous?

- This is a bit of a different life hack than the others, but I decided to include it because it has helped me ever so often. It is simple, just chew gum when you are approaching a situation that would make you nervous. It has been proven than if we are eating something, our brain thinks '' I would not
 be eating, if I were in danger ''. so it makes us less nervous. This has helped me calm down a few times :)

34. Make to do lists!

- This may not be considered  a life hack, but it is extremely handy and useful! Making to do lists is my favorite thing to do, because when I have all of the things I need to do right in front of me, it makes me a bit calmer and I don't stress about them! Also, ticking off the things you've done is just the best!


35. Scour Pinterest!

- Pinterest is honestly an amazing social media and great for all things lifestyle and interesting tips! You just create various boards as many as you like, and they give you ideas and inspiration on what to do :)

Whew, that would be it for this lenghty post! I really hope you have found some helpful hacks and tips that you could use and make your life a bit easier! What is your favorite life hack? Until next time.                                                                                                 
                                                                                                   Love, M xx

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  1. Very helpful tips and hacks x

  2. Lovely tips! I'm gonna use some :) (I'm a heavy sleeper too, haha :') ) x

    1. Thank you Dineke, hopefully you found them useful :) x and yes, I just can't seem to wake up on time 😄

  3. Some of these hacks will really come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


    1. No problem Cat! Thank you for commenting, love xx

  4. Amazing hacks, love the look of the Nutella recipes. Gemma x

    1. Yes, it sure looks delicious! Thank you Gemma, your blog is lovely! Xx

  5. The ironing tip absolutely works. I refuse to iron (simply hate it) so on the very rare occasion that something DOES need to be ironed, I steam it up in the shower. Great list overall, too.


    1. I do too xx Thank you Elizabet,your blog is amazing :)

  6. These are so helpful! The guide to stains is my fave!

    Pingkan x | lifeofpingkan.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Hey Marina!

    These are great ideas! The problem with the hurtful new shoes I had some days ago and the hack would have been a savor of life I guess haha
    I like your blog so much! Especially I love the design and the style of your pictures. Great job girl!
    Ive seen that you dont have that many followers yet, I actually cant understand that! What do you think about following each other to support and help each other? I would be so glad.

    Have a nice day!

    Regards, Lisa :)


    1. Thank you Lisa! And yes of course I would love to follow you xx

  8. These are so good hacks, I am goin to use some. Pinterest is amazing :)


    1. It really is! Thank you so much Riley xx

  9. Great and very helpful post, pinterest is simply the best! xx


  10. These are great ideas! The problem with the hurtful new shoes I had some days ago and the hack would have been a savor of life I guess haha

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  25. Some of these hacks will really come in handy. Thanks for sharing!



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