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Winter has definitely become my favorite time of the year! I just love everything about it, the coziness, the fashion and oh the snow. It has recently been snowing here and although it didn't last very long, I got really excited seeing the white carpet all over the streets and the trees and snowflakes falling down on the tip of my tongue. So today I am back at it again with another tag where I will be telling you all about my love for winter! So, let's get answerin'!

1. Top 2 Beauty Winter Essentials

- The first one that pops in my mind is a good lip balm, because my lips get really dry during this time of the year, so I definitely have to have one near me at all times!

2. Top 2 Winter Fashion Essentials

- There's too many, but my top 2 definitely would have to be a beanie and a big knitted sweater, I cannot live without those two in the winter! Also scarves are my favorite and boots, just every winter staple!

3. What shoes do you tend to wear most in the winter?

- Dr Martens definitely, I've been wearing them all fall and winter long.

4. Favorite winter accessory?

- Beanies and scarves, for sure! They dress up any outfit.

5. Favorite winter nail polish?

- All the darker shades such as red and dark purple are my must have for this time!

6. Hot cocoa or Apple cider?

- Hot cocoa all the way.

7. Favorite winter candle?

- Winter and Marshmallow Fireside by Bath and Body Works all the way!

8. Snowboard or skiing?

- Can't do either haha, but I prefer skiing!

9. Have you ever gone ice skating? Are you any good or do you fail miserably?

- Yes I did and I really miss it. I would like to go again this year, because I love it and it is one of my favorite sports ever! There is something so magical and beautiful about it!

10. Does it snow where you live?

- Not really, very rarely actually, but these couple of days it has been snowing a little bit and I've loved it!

11. Have you ever made a snowman?

- Of course, especially when I was little, I used to go to my grandparents' house in the mountains and my favorite thing was to build a snowman! ( just thought of Frozen's Do you wanna build a snowman, man I miss that film, I need to rewatch it haha!)

12. What holiday do you celebrate?

- Christmas eve, Christmas and New Year's and I am so sad all of them have passed. I wish it could be Christmas all year long!!

13. Do you have anything fun planned this winter?

- I think my family are going on holiday to the mountains for a bit of snow time, so I am really excited about that! I cannot wait to sit by the fire and watch as everything gets covered by snowflakes.

That's it for this tag guys, I really hope you've enjoyed it and let me now what you love most about winter time? Until next time. Love, M xx

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  1. We are definitely one in the same! I pretty much live in my scarves and boots during the winter! My boots are actually falling apart because I wear them so much! haha and some of my favorite BBW candles are Winter and Marshmallow Fireside as well! If they still had their winter collections out, then I would have suggested you try Spice Gingerbread - omg does that smell amazing! :)

    ♥ Kelsey

  2. Really admire that "Let It Snow" photograph at the end. With your Winter tag, I agree with every answer you gave. As for what I like about Winter....I guess the craft-making, going into the center of London and witnessing the extraordinary Christmas decorations hung around the town square. Winter is magical. Also my birthday's in winter so...more reasons to like it!

    #sweetreats xxx

    1. Thank you dear, and happy early birthday hope you have an amazing day xx

  3. Beanies and scarves are also my favourites! I can't choose between hot cocoa or apple cider though :o I wish Christmas was all year too! I always have fun reading your tags :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Love this!! I agree, beanies are my fave too!! I honestly own way too many haha. But I wear them like 24/7, sooo... :P

    ~Iris xx

    1. Haha they really are, aren't they? Look amazing with any outfit xx

  5. Such a great post, I loved reading your answers.

    Gemma x

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Great tag! I love wearing dark red and purple nail polishes in winter too x

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    #sweetreats xx

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