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Hello everyone, how is your day going?  Today's post is going to be a bit of an old school one, but I thought it would be fun, so I decided to show you what's on my iphone and share with you some of my favorite songs which I have been listening to all throughout summer. I really believe, as ridiculous as it may sound, that iphones are the best invention and I don't know what I would do without mine So, let's get started.

I own an Iphone 5s and it is my old trustworthy one, and I really think I couldn't go anywhere without it, I would just feel incomplete haha. As it is summertime, I picked out this fun silicone light violet mask from Victoria's secret. I love it because it is so fun and basically screams summer. I mean it is a pineapple with sunglasses, doesn't get more summer than that, does it? So, let's get onto what I have on my phone.

The first page is the regular old one, I don't keep anything special on it, apart from photos. Also, my background is the gorgeous photo of Santorini which I found on pinterest. I really hope I get to go there some day :)


As for the second page, it is a little bit more interesting, and I like to keep all my apps in special folders to keep them organized, so I'll go through each one now. I only keep gmail and podcasts separated. Lately I have really enjoyed listening to podcasts in my spare time, and I love Psychobabble by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, it is so hilarious.

The extras folder is also quite boring, as I keep all the stuff I do not use in it, apart from my Dreamdays countdown which tells you how many days there are left until a certain event which you put in the calendar. Basically, there are 139 days left till Christmas, and I already couldn't be more excited haha.

The social media folder is my favorite, because that is where I keep all of my apps that I use daily. I don't really use facebook and messenger that often anymore, but all of the others are my favorites. I would love it if we could keep up on twitter, instagram, pinterest and bloglovin',so I will leave my links and I would love it if you could tell me yours as well.

  • Twitter - mylifeasmarinaa. Twitter has become one of my recent obsessions and I really enjoy using it.
  • Instagram - mylifeasmarinaaa. I enjoy instagram so much, I think it is one of my most used and favorite apps. I just love looking through other people's beautiful photos and feeds!
  • Pinterest - mylifeasmarina. My most definite biggest obsession and where I find most of my inspiration from. Pinterest really is the best!
  • Bloglovin'- mylifeasmarina. Bloglovin' is such a great app for bloggers and I really enjoy using it. I would love it if you could follow me on there, as I always follow back and love finding new blogs!

Also, there is an amazing app called Crowdfire where you can keep up with your instagram and twitter followers, I use it daily to follow back my new followers and unfollow inactive accounts. It is really great because it gives you all the information you need about your twitter and instagram profiles. As for snapchat and youtube, I don't really post that often on snapchat and the youtube app is my favorite, because I use it to keep up with all my favorite videos!

I don't really play games that often anymore, but I am really obsessed with these three ones. I have not played Subway surfers in so long, but I don't want to delete it, because I used to be so obsessed with it and I played it regularly. As for Best Fiends, I have all the youtubers to blame for making me addicted to it. I downloaded it because I heard everyone raving about it and it really is the best. It is so fun, it has so many levels and they get updated all the time and it is incredibly addicting. Once you start playing it, you won't be able to stop, at least I didn't haha. To tell you just how much I am obsessed with it, I am currently on level 75 and I don't plan to stop playing it and crushing those slugs! Polish Blast is a game by a lovely youtuber Sandy or cutepolish and it is similar to candy crush. The aim is to connect nail polishes of the same colour, it is quite similar to candy crush but even more addicting and fun! And stack is great, for long car rides and train journeys, because it keeps you occupied and it is also insanely fun!

And finally my photography folder. These are the apps I love using and they really are amazing! The first one is Snapseed, an app I use all the time to edit all of my photos, as it really does its job. You can adjust brightness, contrast. saturation, add effects and everything, it basically turns your usual photo, to a work of art haha. Moldiv and Photogrid are two awesome apps for making collages or mirrored photos, and you can add effects to it too. Basically after you've used all three of them, your photo will be instagram ready! And YouCam makeup is such a fun app which you can use to put makeup on you. The amazing thing is that it doesn't look fake and you can try out so many makeup looks and see what works best for you. It is kind of like Snapchat for makeup, and it is amazing!

And here is my summertime playlist. These are the songs I have enjoyed the most throughout the summer, because they are so fun and upbeat and they will forever remind me of the fun times I've had this summer! What is the song you've listened to the most this summer and also let me know if you've liked any of these ones? :)

  1.  Sia- Cheap Thrills
  2. Calvin Harris- This is what you came for
  3. Jennifer Lopez- Ain't your mama
  4. Fifth Harmony- Work from home
  5. Justin Timberlake- Can't stop the feeling
  6. Shawn Mendes- Treat you better
  7. Ariana Grande- Into You
  8. Meghan Trainor- Me too
  9. Mike Posner- I took a pill in Ibiza
  10. Taylor Swift- New Romantics
  11. Zara Larsson- Lush Life
  12. Ariana Grande- Be Alright
  13. Meghan Trainor- No
  14. The Chainsmokers- Don't let me down
  15. Florence + The Machine- Ship To Wreck

I hope you have enjoyed this post! What are your favorite apps that you use and what are your favorite summer songs? Love, M xx

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  1. Great post dear! :) Love it xx


  2. great playlist!
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  3. Fab post! thank you for sharing.


  4. You should also try VSCO Cam to edit pics, it has such good filters! And I love your case, so cute and summery! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Yes, I really should I've been hearing all about it. Thank you Ari xx

  5. Cute phone case! Ooh I haven't heard of Dreamdays or Crowdfire before; I might check them out later! I keep the podcasts app in my dock :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I think you should, they are really good. Thank you Audrey xx

  6. Cute case, have a good day


  7. Love the phone case! Great post!

    Bella x

  8. Love posts like this :D Also really love the phone case! Gemma x

  9. I loved this post, I love having a nosy around other people's phones :)

    Rosy xx

  10. This was an interesting post to read. I really like learning about new apps :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  11. I love posts like this. Cute case! xoxo


  12. Adorable phone case and loving the playlist. I've been jamming out to Treat you better by Shawn Mendes ever since it came out x


    1. Me too, I just love it! Thank you Becky xx

  13. Such a cute case, lovee it! :)


  14. I've been playing Best Fiends too, I am on level 45 now. Love the phone case! :)


    1. That's awesome, I am a bit too obsessed with it ahah. Thank you Sophie xx

  15. I'm obsessed with pineapples and have a tattoo of one on my inner ankle! I want one of those phone cases so bad!


    1. That's so cool, I love pineapples too as you can see haha. Thank you for commenting Bobbie xx

  16. Our apps are so similar! You need to try out Rookie Cam- I will always rave about it! It is honestly the best photo editor out there and a great hidden gem.

    1. I will definitely be adding it to my list of apps, thank you for reccomending it xx

  17. OMG I love your phone case! x


  18. Cute case and love the playlist! I've been obsessed with Ain't your mama by JLO!

  19. Thank you Samantha, I absolutely love it too xx

  20. That case is adorable! I love seeing the apps that people have on their phones since it introduces me to new things too. Love your phone wallpaper also.

    xo, XOIIEE | Life in Style

  21. Crowdfire ounds really useful! Definitely something I'm downloading when I have a new phone with more space, as my current one is quite saturated hahaha The photo editing apps are something I need as well!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

    1. You should really get them, you won't regret it. Thank you Acqua, love xx


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