10 Movies To See At Christmas

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You all know how much I love my movies by now, don't you? And Christmas time just screams movie nights and coziness! These are some of my favorites which by now, to be honest, I've watched about a dozen times and just enjoyed them so much. Also, now it is only 4 days til Christmas (internal screaming) and if you haven't you know HAVE TO see them. Let me know which movies are your favorites and what is your must see Christmas movie that you watch every year?

1. LOVE ACTUALLY- it basically isn't the holiday season if you don't watch Love Actually at least once.  If you aren't familiar, Love Actually is such a beautiful romantic comedy which stars all the amazing British stars such as Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth and so many more. It is set over the Christmas period and it a mix of lots of different stories and families but they are all connected in some way. It is so heartwarming, fuzzy and will leave you feeling a hundred precent more excited for Christmas than you are already! And the opening and closing scenes with the people in the airport is just the best thing ever.

2. HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS- you know it's gonna be a great film when Jim Carrey is in it, don't you? He is such an incredible actor and he gets so into character and he is the perfect Grinch. Such a family classic, so funny and it will make feel so wonderful once you've watched it. '' Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more '' is my ultimate favorite quote from the film!

3. HOME ALONE- childhood classic and a must see around this time of the year. Kevin and his mishaps will make you laugh so hard and you will definitely enjoy this one. Also it makes me feel kind of nostalgic, because I've watched it so many times over the years, and it still makes me laugh just as hard as it did the first time I've seen it.

4. HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK- I think that perhaps I like the second one even better. It is a sequel to the first one with all the same cast and it is even funnier and more ridicilous. Also it is set in New York which is basically perfect during the Christmas period so that's another plus. The scenes with the old lady with the pigeons and Kevin always make me feel so fuzzy and lovely inside and I just love it. Also, the soundtrack is the bomb in this one as well!

5. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE- this is a really old black and white film which I have watched with my dad, because it is his favorite, and every time we watch it, it becomes more special. It is such a beautiful and heartbreaking story which will not leave you disappointed. So Christmassy, so amazing, a definite must see!

6. MIRACLE ON THE 34TH STREET- another absolute favorite of mine. It stars Mara Wilson who also played Matilda, and it is such a beautiful film. It will get you in the Christmas spirit and you will enjoy watching it so much, that's for sure! Also, this movie also kind of made me believe in Santa Claus a little bit more haha!

7.  ELF- how could I forget the classic of all classics? It's probably on your favorites must see list as well, and how can it not be! Will Ferrell is perfect as Buddy and this is such a hilarious and lovely film which basically screams Christmas cheer. And what best way is there to spread Christmas cheer? By singing loud for all to hear, of course! (leave a comment if you get that reference)

8. THE HOLIDAY- another amazing film which stars an amazing cast such as Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. It's about two women troubled with guy-problems who swap homes in each other's countries where they each meet a local guy and fall in love! So lovely and perfect for getting in Christmas spirit.

9. A CHRISTMAS CAROL- another Jim Carrey classic, based on the Charles Dickens' novel about a miser called Scrooge who hates Christmas. Three ghosts, of Christmas past, present and future appear and try to change his mind and make him realise what he's done wrong. You just have to see this one and you won't regret it, I am sure!

10. ARTHUR CHRISTMAS- this is a slightly newer one and it is animated which makes it even more perfect. It gives the answer to every child's question: so how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night? I won't tell you more than that, because you have to go out and see it yourself, because I am sure you'll love it!

That's it for my list, let me know if I've missed any of your favorites and oh my goodness we are getting so close to Christmas now, how excited are you? Until next time. Love, M xx

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  1. Wonderful suggestions! I'm really in the mood for watching Christmas movies now! Gemma x

  2. This is such as good list of Christmas Films! I am such a fan of It's a Wonderful Life and all the old stop motion ones as well. I have never seen Arthur Christmas but it is on my list of ones to watch this year!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you Rae and yes you should definitely watch it! Xx

  3. Great list! I love Christmas films, Home alone, the grinch and Love Actually are my favourites!


  4. Lovely post xx

    Sophie- sophiebennet.blogspot.com

  5. My favorite is Elf and I basically watch it all year long, not just at Christmas :D x

    Georgina// georginasammings.wordpress.com

  6. Love Actually is the best and all these mentioned are greeat as well! x

  7. Such a great list, love it xx

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Yes my friend I think it's a great story and it's really scary. Wow, I like it a lot.



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