Irresistible Me Jade Straightening Brush Review

6:30:00 AM

Hey guys, hope you're having an amazing Friday! Stepping away from the Christmas posts just for awhile, today I am doing a review on the Professional Straightening Brush from Irresistible Me. When this brand contacted me, I was over the moon and accepted their offer immediately. Irresistible Me is an amazing brand and they have so many lovely hair accessories and hair tools on their website and you should definitely check it out, because you'll surely find something for yourself on there.Also my packaged arrived safely and in perfect condition in a really short matter, considering they ship from the US, so that is definitely another plus. So let's get started with my review of the brush.

First of all the packaging which I was really impressed with. The box which it comes in is really pretty, sleek black and it has a magnetic look. Once you open it you can see all the features of the brush in it which are:
- Ceramic Technology
- Auto Shut Off
- Universal Voltage
- Anti- Scald teeth
- Perfect Bristle Distance
- LCD Digital Display

Also inside the box there is an instruction booklet which explains everything you'll need to know on how to use the brush. I really love the box, and I will definitely be using it to store some other stuff too.

As for the brush itself, it is absolutely amazing and perfect for my hair. My hair isn't naturally straight so I was in desperate need for a product like this, because I don't like when my hair goes all frizzy and a bit wavy. Now I do not need to worry about that because I will be using this lovely brush.

The brand describes the brush as:

The Irresistible Me Jade with 3D technology for multiple contact points and special ceramic tourmaline heating surface will give you quick and effortless straight hair without heat damage.
The Irresistible Me Jade will give you a gorgeous blowout look in only a few minutes. All you have to do is brush your clean dry hair, taking small wefts and passing the brush through them slowly (similar to what you would normally do using a flat iron). You’re going to be surprised how much faster you can straighten your hair with the Irresistible Me Jade than using the tension or chasing blow-drying method.

It is in this beautiful greenish color, as you can see in the photos, and it has thick long bristles. The bristles make sure that hair gets untangled without breakage and they feel so soft on the scalp and easily come out of the tangled tresses.

It is a ceramic brush and it is so easy and lovely to hold in the hands,as it is non slippery. Also, there is a lovely LCD display which shows the temperature and there are heat up (+ ) and heat down (-) buttons and they are so convenient and easy to use. It heats up really fast and it has a setting from 130 C to 230 C. Inside the booklet it tells you which temperature you should set it to depending on your hair. I have used it on 160 C and it has done a perfect job. Also it is incredibly easy to handle, because all you do is brush your dry hair and brush through it slowly. It gives it a silky shine and doesn't damage it at all!

I would honestly recommend  the Jade Hair Straightening Brush to you, because it serves too purposes: detangles and straightens your hair and it is perfect if you are in a hurry in the morning. The only small issue with it, is it works on US appliance, so you'll need to purchase an American plug socket, but they are so inexpensive and easy to get, so there is actually no issue with it. I am honestly so impressed with it and happy to have received it, because I will definitely be getting a lot of use from it.

I really hope you have enjoyed this post guys and let me know if you have used this brush or if you'd like to try it out. Love, M xx

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  1. Great post dear! Your photos are simply amazing, I love them x Hope you will get great use from this brush! <3 I love how it looks <3

    1. Thank you so much dear, I am really glad you like it xx

  2. Sounds like an interesting tool! Great review!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. I have heard about brushes of these kind but never seen any. They look so cool and I love the green shade x

  4. Who knew a brush can have so many electrical features? Technology these days... I wouldn't dare say there isn't anything we can't do with technology in case we do find a way of doing so with the likes to technology. Anyways, Good review.

    #sweetreats xxx

    1. Yep, techology really has taken over our lives in every way possible. Thank you dear x

  5. Woaah I've never heard of this before but it's so cool!! My hair is pretty straight so I probably wouldn't get this for myself, though it'd come in handy on my bad hair days :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Totally, it is a life savior for bad hair days x

  6. Only recently ive found out about these they seem like such an amazing product and must in everywomans life. Thank you for sharing, happy December! Dominica from

  7. Lovely post xx


  8. This is so cool and greaT! xx


  9. Wonderful photo and great product! XX

  10. The product is very good and excellent.
    Thank you so much!
    see it here

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