50 Ideas How To Have a Perfect Fall

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Where has the time gone? It feels like it was only yesterday I was writing my Have A Perfect Summer post and coming up with ideas how to have the best summer ever, and now I've blinked and it is the fall season! Well technically not yet, as autumn officially starts September 21st but as the weather started getting a bit chiller and it started getting darker outside, I think we've all gotten into the fall spirit (or at least I have). So today, I am coming for you with 50 ideas on how to have a perfect fall! I am pretty sure that after you've finished reading this post, you'll be all set for fall activities and you'll definitely never be bored. I hope you enjoy!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch

2. Make your own hot chocolate

3. Drink Pumpkin spice lattes all the time (because when will you do it, if not now?)

4. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa outside

5. Go apple picking

6. Jump in a big pile of leaves ( who cares if that's considered childish?)

7. Bake all the time!

8. Bake a pumpkin pie

9. Or cookies, or anything pumpkin flavored!

10. Go through a corn maze

11. Find a new TV show to binge watch

12. Start watching Scream Queens ( I am so excited for season two, if it's any good as season 1 then it will be amazing)

13. Watch Once Upon A Time or The Vampire Diaries (it is their season finale!)

14. Have a movie night in with family

15. Play board games

16. Go for a hike

17. Go to a football game

18. Carve a pumpkin

19. Take pictures in a leaf pile

20. Make and eat caramel apples

21. Roast smores

22. Do a craft with fall leaves

23. Do loads of DIYs (they are even more fun in autumn)

24. Try apple cider

25. Watch scary movies

26. Have a picnic in the park

27. Have a bonfire

28. Have a family game night

29. Collect pine cones and make crafts

30. Make a fall wreath

31. Go to a fall festival

32. Visit a mountain

33. Take a drive around the countryside

34. Buy something from a bake sale

35. Borrow a book from the library

36. Read lots!

37. Have a wardrobe clearout

38. Wear all of your favorite sweaters

39. Learn to knit

40. Buy new boots

41. Breathe in the crisp air

42. Burn lots of candles

43. Buy fall home decor

44. Decorate your room in the fall spirit

45. Get cozy by the fire

46. Take a long walk

47. Go camping

48. Get cozy on the sofa and take naps (fun idea all year long haha)

49. Wear Ugg Boots and Dr Martens

50. Create a fall scrapbook

Andd that's it, those would be my ideas on how to have an amazing and enjoyable fall season! Let me know if you have some ideas for fall time and which activity are you most looking forward to?

Love, M x

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  1. Yesss pumpkin spice lattes! They literally taste like fall :)

    The Daily Delicacy

  2. Great list, thanks for sharing it :)

  3. I'm already watching TVD but I definitely want to start Once Upon A Time, sounds like such a good show
    Kathy x

    1. It really is, you should definitely check it out xx

  4. I agree with your list entirely, especially the last one as I am quite crafty and like to construct and improvise-craft collages, scrapbooks-that kind of thing.

    BBB xxx www.beautybeblogger.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Now I know we won't be bored this Fall for sure xD hehe <3

  6. Woow that's a long list haha, you got some amazing ideas there x

    Sophie- sophiebennet.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, I hope you found some inspiration from it x

  7. Oh the glorious fall, a such beautiful season! I am so excited to visit a haunted house this year and watch Scream Queens xxx


  8. Hot chocolates, pumpkin spice lattes and scary movies equals heaven :D x


  9. Lovely post and a great read :)

  10. I remember your summer post, it was amazing and this one is awesome as well x

  11. I already planned on doing a bunch of these. You've added a few more to my list now. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


  12. I am so ready for autumn! Candles! Sweaters! Scarves! Hot drinks! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  13. Great ideas, I'm always so sad when summer ends so I'll definitely be doing some things from your list! Would love if you could check out my new fashion post? XX

    The Fashion Road.com
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  14. Amazing post dear, love all of these ideas x


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