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  Summer is finally here, school and our exams are done and all of hard work has paid off! But I know what you're thinking, what to do now? Summer sometimes stresses me out, because I feel if I am not doing something fun, I am wasting my summer. Time flies by so fast and soon enough fall will be right around the corner. If we just sit in our homes, watch Netflix and eat ice cream, we'll have a boring summer and not make memories. So in this blog post I have written some of my ideas on how to have an awesome summer and make it as best as it can be!

1. Go to the beach often

- This may sound like an obvious idea, but sometimes we put off going to the beach, maybe because we're busy or simply because we think we have enough time and we will go to the beach another day. And sometimes that another day is the end of August and school is just around the corner. So, this summer I will try to go to the beach as much as I can (at reasonable hours of course, before 10 AM or after 5 PM so I don't damage my skin) and hopefully get a tan line!

Photo taken from Pinterest

2. Go to the pool or a water park

- Going to the pool or a water park is also a very fun idea. Grab your friends, sun cream and your favorite bikini and you are ready to go! Also, you can take floaties with you and have the best time! 

Fun in the sun

3. Make your own ice cream

- I have never tried doing this and it seems like a very cool idea. Look up a recipe on pinterest and try out a new and different flavor.


4. Go to the movies

- One of my favorite activities all year round but especially in summer is going to the cinema! I like to keep up with the latest movies, have delicious popcorn and just have a great time with friends. One of the first movies I plan to see is Finding Dory which comes out this week. I am so excited!

5. Organize a barbecue

- Nothing beats the smell of barbecue on a fresh summer day. It is my favorite summer activity, I like to have all of my family and friends together and we all enjoy delicious and yummy food.

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6. Enjoy theme parks

- I know this may sound like a childish idea but theme parks are fun for children and adults too! On a hot summer night, take your best friend with you to a nearby theme park and I promise you'll have a laugh and get to feel like kids again! 


7.  Have a road trip with your family

-Road trips with family in summer are the best thing ever! You don't even have to go very far,  you can even visit the next town and you'll have the best time. Be prepared to laugh so much and make amazing new memories with your family!

8. Board game night with friends

- Playing board games is simply the best! Gather all of your friends together and prepare for a night of laughter and competitiveness. Also have snacks and drinks and you're set! Some of my favorite board games are Monopoly, 5 second rule and Twister!


9. Make homemade lemonade

- Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks especially on hot summer days. Scroll through pinterest and I'm sure you'll find an amazing recipe for a homemade one, I'll surely be trying that out!


10. Do a bit of exercise

-  I am not very keen on sports and exercise, but it is very healthy and important to our body and our mind. Think of a fun way of exercising, it doesn't only have to be going to the gym. You can go on a hike with your friends or play volleyball at the beach!

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11. Create a summer playlist

- Making summer playlists is always so fun! Catchy, upbeat songs are a must and I always love to add them on my playlists. A few of my favorite this year are '' Ain't your mama'' by Jennifer Lopez, '' Cheap thrills'' by Sia, '' Cake by the ocean '' by DNCE and Ariana Grande's new album :)

12. Get up early and watch the sunrise

- This is something I want to do at least once this summer. I am not an early bird and I really like sleeping in, especially in summer time, but I will make the effort to get up early and experience the beautiful sunrise.

13. Binge watch your favorite TV show

- Definitely my favorite activity in summer haha! On those lazy summer days there is nothing better than catching up on your favorite TV shows that you missed out throughout the year or find some new ones to love. One of my ultimate faves is Pretty Little Liars and season 7 starts this June and I couldn't be more excited :)

14. Read books

- Another one of my favorite activities to do in summertime. Curling up on the sofa with a good book and ice cream is just the greatest! Or you could take your favorite book with you to the beach and enjoy it there as well.


15. Go to a festival

- Summer festivals are always very popular! Find out if there is one near you, prepare some really cute outfits and a handful of your friends and you are guaranteed a great time!

16. Watch fireworks

- Watching fireworks light up the night's sky, especially on the Fourth of July is just amazing!


17. Build a pillow and blanket fort

- Another way to reminisce on your chidhood! Take all your pillows and blankets, look up on pinterest how to make an awesome pillow fort, make it all cozy, add fairy lights and it'll look amazing. Take your lap top with you as well and watch some of your favorite movies and TV shows in there :)

18. Go bowling

- Going bowling is an awesome activity all year round! I love going bowling with my brother because we always end up laughing so hard and have a great time!

19. Make a scrapbook of your amazing summer memories

- What better way is there to remember your summer than making a good old fashioned scrapbook. Print out your favorite summer photos and stick them onto your scrapbook to remember and cherish forever!

20. Properly relax!

- No matter what you do this summer, just remember to let your hair down and relax! It's finally summertime and you don't need to stress over exams and grades, all you need to do is just enjoy!


- I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you have the best summer ever!
                                                                                                                 M xx



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  1. I think this is for sure one of your greatest and my personal fav post xx Amazing job!

    1. Thank you so much D xx Let's have the best summer!

  2. This post made me excited about summer. Keep rocking xx

  3. Amazing summer list! I actually live in brighton but still never go to the beach that much, but I really should! Although our beach is so pebbly!

    lots of love, Jane

    1. Thank you so much Jane xx I wish I lived in Brighton, it always looks beautiful there. Also your blog is amazing!

  4. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

    Awesome post! I am going on holiday to Italy this summer :) belledavidsonxoxo.blogspot.com

    1. Amazing, I love Italy, it's so beautiful! Thank you for commenting Belle xx

  5. Awesome post and such good ideas, I want to go bowling now! Riley Mcgee

  6. I loved this post! SO many great ideas xx

    Sophie- sophiebennet.wordpress.com


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