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Going shopping is never an easy task,am I right girls? Sure it's fun walking through the mall and going from store to store,but it can be quite exhausting as there are so many amazing stores to choose from and you are never quite sure which one sells the best quality items. So, I have decided to write down a list of my personal favorite stores that are always my 'go to' whenever I go shopping. All of these are high street stores as I find they sell the most affordable as well as high quality pieces.


- First one on my list is definitely Zara. Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia. The company was founded in 1975 and since then it has become one of the largest and most famous fashion brands in Europe and all over the world. Zara is definitely one of my favorite brands as you can find something for everyone in there. It is split in three sections men's,women's and children's section as well as TRF which stands for ''trafaluc'' and as the brand describes it it is Zara's ''younger line,it is meant for women unafraid to try something a little different and less classic''. In Zara you can find more sophisticated and elegant pieces as well as young and modern line. I would definitely recommend Zara's clothing for all seasons and every occasion. Zara's clothing is simply always classic and timeless.

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Another one of my 'go to' stores is also Stradivarius. It is also a Spanish brand which sells internationally. I love Stradivarius because in there you can find lots of latest in style fashion and accessory items. It is a very affordable store and especially where there are sales when you can lots of amazing things for very cheap. They sell amazing jeans,shirts,dresses,skirts as well as bags,hair accessories and lots more.Stradivarius's style can be described as very in, hip and modern where teenage (and older) girls can find anything they want. Whenever I go in there, I never leave empty handed!

Stradivarius store

Stradivarius style


- One of my ultimate favorites as well. Pull and Bear is also a Spanish brand founded in 1986. Their store is also divided into two sections women's and men's clothing. They sell accessories as well, such as backpacks, phone cases and jewellery. This store is mostly based on casual, laid back clothing for young people with urban style. In there you can find lots of graphic tees,sweaters and hoodies with interesting prints and designs. I also really like their jeans 'cause they are not very pricey but they last a long time. If you are a casual, modern girl who's looking for a more relaxed vibe, this store is definitely for you!

Pull and Bear store in Spain

-  Topshop is most certainly every girl's favorite fashion store.It is a British multinational fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make up and accessories. It also sells men's clothing also known as Topman. It has around 500 shops wordwide and also a very popular online site. It is definitely one of the most fashionable shops in the world. It has everything you need to look stylish! From new designer pieces to lots of affordable latest fashion trends. If you have a Topshop store in your town you should definitely visit it and you won't regret it (although you may end up spending quite a bit, oops haha!)

Topshop in London

Topshop for teens


- As for my final favorite store it has to be Mango. Mango's a fashion company founded in Barcelona which sells women's,men's and children's clothes. Mango is surely more of a classic brand similar to Zara. Mango is always keeping up with the newest trends and while still maintaining the all-time classy look it also sells modern clothing with original design. Many of internationally famous celebrities have been the face of Mango, and as for now they are nowadays' top models Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss.

Kendall Jenner modeling for Mango's new line

Model Karlie Kloss for Mango

  These were some of my favorite fashion stores. I hope you've enjoyed this post and write in the comments some of your favorites as well, I would love to know them. Love, M xx

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  1. Mango and Top Shop would have to be my favorites! Amazing post as usual xx

  2. Really liked this post and good recommendations. Zara is one of my faves too I am gonna have to check out the others. Best wishes from Poland

  3. Thank you Jade, and yes you should definitely check out all of them xx


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