Welcome to my blog

10:58:00 AM

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is Marina and I am a 18-year-old pinterest obssesed girl. After spending a few years reading and enjoying other people's blogs,I have finally decided to start my own. I have spent quite a while deciding what to put out on this blog and how I would fit into this amazing and creative blogging community,but I decided to write about what I love to read most myself. So here,I will be writing about fashion, beauty, films and books as those are the things I enjoy the most. You can expect a lot of lifestyle and advice from me as well. I am very excited to start my own little corner on the internet and I hope you guys will join me on this amazing journey.

    M x

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  1. Beautiful post Marina, I wish you all the best in future blogging! Can't wait to see more from you xx

  2. Thank you so much D,your blog is amazing xx


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