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Hey guys, how have you been? Today we are talking about my favorite topic ever conspiracy theories. But firstly I would like to thank you for all of your lovely messages, my instagram and facebook exploded and my heart was bursting. THANK YOU. The first post is dedicated to my best friend in college Natasa and Soulmates is dedicated to Radovan and Teodora, real life soulmates.

But anyway conspiracy, ha? My absolute favorite topic. I forgot to mention that my soulmate would have to love conspiracies as well. If you are a fan of conspiracies I am a fan of you. So this post is for my friend Nikola who is just as conspiracy fanatic as I am AND to Djoki my little brother who watches Shane Dawson with me and we don't breathe.

There are so many things which seem ordinary at first or things which you haven't given much thought, but there is just a hint of suspicion to shake up your world. That little hint is enough to give people enough reason to start digging deeper and start a spark. Those people are conspiracy theroists and I am one of them.

So here are a couple or more than a couple of my favorite theroies.


'' If you listen to this song backwards you'll know that Satan is being summoned'' How many times have you read or heard about this? We are constantly exposed to subliminal messages which can control our minds. The reason for subliminal messages can be many things such as propaganda, satanist activities, buying useless products etc. A theory which is especially popular is that Disney cartoons are filled with them.


You know this theory right? All famous musicians died when they were 27, Amy Whinehouse, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and now even Avicii. I hope you make it to the day you're 28 years old says Halsey in one of her songs.


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a project of the American goverment located on Alaska and dedicated to improving communication systems. HAARP is responsible for many things such as the dissappearance of the plane MH370. FBI IS ALWAYS WATCHING GUYS. WAVE AT THEM AT YOUR LAPTOP CAMERA. (I am doing that right now.) FBI I hope you are proud of me.


This is a very detailed and unusal theory which says that the Earth is filled which reptile aliens which plan to take over the world.They are famous musicians, actors, polititans, even members of the royal family. EVEN JUSTIN BIEBER. I KNOW RIGHT.


You all know JFK right? He's my favorite american president and he was everyone's fave president back at the day.. Well as you know he was murdered at the middle of the street in broad daylight. There are many theories surronding how that happened and why it did. I feel really sad for Jackie, she was a real sweetheart.


OH YEAH, T SWIFT. My absolute favorite person in the world and inspiration. Even though she is a satanist. I mean have you seen the resemblence between her and Zeena LaVey. It is uncanny. Nikola (Dzidzo, my brother and soulmate) is probably giving me a side eye reading this, but she is Dzidzo. She is a satanist and a snake, but I love her anyway.

Aaaand that's it. There are sooo many other theories, but I could talk about them for 2 days and still have more to say. Of course there are many others, such as flat Earth theory, moon landing which never happened, area 51, chemtrails, masons, THE ILLUMINATI, you name it. Just remember guys be safe and THE ILLUMINATI IS ALWAYS WATCHING. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO AND SAY. AND WAVE AT THE FBI THROUGH YOU LAPTOP CAMERA.


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