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Do you believe in soulmates? Someone who walks into your out of a sudden and changes it completely. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend, it can be your brother,sister, mom, dad, friend, teacher who ever. I have always believed in soulmates because I read a book by Plato which said that Zeus devided the souls in two parts/ left and right and people spend their whole lives searching for that other half. Isn't that lovely? Wonderful even.

I have always loved the idea of soulmates. My first soulmate is my brother Nikola. We grew up together, we are 3 years apart and I love him with all my heart. He's the person I go to for advice, he's just amazing. We love the same tv shows, same quotes, same films, even listen to the same kind of music. Taylor Swift is our queen btw ( even though she is a cult leader and a satanist LOL). Nikola and I have been best friends since day one, we understand each other completely and I adore him. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIM AS I AM SURE HE WOULD FOR ME.

My other soulmate is my best friend. We are even born on the same day (17th of July) and we have clicked instantly. I adore her as well, and even though we fight sometimes we love each other deeply and completely understand what one another needs and how we feel. My other two soulmates are my aunt and my little bro (they'll get mad if I don't mention them because they read this blog). Djole (my brother) is not exactly my soulmate per say, but he understands my stupid existential humour and he gets what I am saying. We are just as smart and he gets me totally. And my aunt Cica is my sea. You know the quote; the poet says you are the sea to someone, and someone is the sea to you. Imagine love so deep and profound that you are someone's sea. Love should be like that or it shouldn't exist at all. Well she's my sea. I love her deeply,she's amazing.

Well those are my three soulmates Nikola, my bestie and Djole and one sea and that is my aunt. Is there a fourth one? I am pretty sure there is because I don't have a boyfriend lol. I need to find someone who's gonna put up with my bullshit. AND WHO'S GONNA LOVE ME IN SPITE OF IT ALL. Have I met him? Maybe I have, maybe I haven't I don't know. I love when someone gets what I am saying. I love tv shows, I love films, music, fashion, blogging and I would love to find someone who's gonna love it too. Someone I can read Shakespeare, Robert Herrick and Andrew Marwell with, watch Game of thrones, go for a coffee and long walks, someone who is just as hard working and dedicated to what they're doing as much as I am. I can't sleep if I don't finish my obligations. I love everything to be done perfectly or not done at all. Well that was specific but that's what I look for in a soulmate. Also someone who is religious, I mean they don't need to be going to church, but I couldn't be with an atheist. Someone who doesn't believe in a God or a force that pulls the strings in the world. My soulmate (i mean someone who isn't the four one previously mentioned) would do all these things together. I belive that love isn't saving someone,love is supporting, caring, lifting up, encouraging. A guy once told me I was his wonderwall, you know the song by Oasis. Well that's lovely, but it says MAYBE YOU'RE GONNA BE THE ONE THAT SAVES ME. NO. I don't want to save anyone NOR do I want someone to save me. As mentioned in the previous post I am my own personal hero and I find all the strenghth I need inside myself.


A soulmate isn't someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself. A soulmate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt how capable you are of becoming exactly who you wanted to be. WHO knows? Maybe we've all met our soulmates, maybe we are yet to meet them. Maybe you'll run into them in a grocery store, in college, on the bus on the way to school. And you'll click so much, you'll be stunned. You won't believe how exactly alike you are, how your souls connected. You may not believe in magic, but I thought you should know the makings of your heart were born fourteen billion years ago, so next time you feel lonely, the next time this world makes you feel small, just remember it's a part of you and you're part of it all. So if you think you've met your soulmate just be brave and own up to it. Life is about living, so if you think someone is your soulmate or you like them or find them interesting in a certain way you should definitely tell them. Who knows, maybe they feel the same way about you. Soulmates are no joke, they really exist and I am sure I am to find mine. I mean if someone is able to put up with all my constant blabbering and talking nonsense. I would love to find someone who I can talk nonsense with but also talk serious stuff about with as well. And if they were to live close or by the seaside that would be another plus. The sea is my soulmate as well, I couldn't live anywhere where the sea isn't near. Yep, soulmates, sappy topic ha?
I am all about the sappiness lately, maybe it's because I have fallen in love. Well not exactly in love, but I do have a crush on someone who may or may not be my soulmate, I mean I don't know that person very well but from what I can see, we would be great together. But everything is destiny, nothing should be forced, life isn't about forcing something to happen or making it happen by any chance. You should go with the flow as they say, and if you meet your soulmate along the way, that's another plus. And you can travel together, enjoy your time with them and just have a blast. Life is about living it. We cannot stop the sun, yet we will make him run.  Colour is everything, black and white is more. Find someone who goes with you in both colour and black and white. Find someone who's gonna be all the colours at once, at full brightness. Not wonderwall, not a hero, no, love isn't that. You don't need to change for anyone, especially not a guy or a girl. Just be exactly who you are and someone will come along and appreciate it. And you'll talk for hours and make each other laugh and say both silly and important things. You'll love each other for exactly who you are, both for your flaws and virtues, and in spite of them.Maybe my soulmate and I won't have everything in common, maybe we will. I don't know. Maybe I've met him, maybe I haven't. But anyways, I am girl so I wouldn't say anything first. Even though I am a feminist, I still believe in chivarly and old manners where a guy asks a girl out and tell her she's lovely. Just like in old movies, such as it's a wonderful life, you've got mail, grease, the breakfast club, etc.



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